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DeClutter Your Home Now!

Did you ever think that clutter could influence your income, health, relationships, or your frame of mind?

DeClutter Kitchen CounterTrends in our busy society have caused a 15% increase in working time and a 33% decrease in leisure time; so with less available time at home, our clutter issues and organizational habits become worse. As a result of the clutter, we are spending 40% more time cleaning, and 42% of us are wasting time looking for keys, pens, wallets/purses, glasses, cell phones, and even homework.

This frantic rush to find our belongings only leads to being late to work or school and definitely more prone to road rage. We could be wasting more than 180 hours a year looking for misplaced items. Let us help you with this dilemma and get some of the leisure, creativity and peace of mind back into your life.

DeClutter – House Design Plan

DeClutter BedroomHaving a good design plan in your home means that the surroundings are clutter free and pleasing, creativity has a place in the household, and there is a “feel good” quality that is present in the occupants and the space itself. Clutter, also known as postponed decisions, fills our minds and our surroundings preventing a peaceful happy existence. We are here as a tool to get you organized and design a workable system and space that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Please read further to see how we might help you be more productive, organized, inspired and content.  Let the life force into to your home, go here to see the Chinese and yogic systems of design: feng shui and vastu.

UnStuff Your Life

Like many of us, we would like a “paint by numbers” way to implement a system to declutter our lives.  The good news is that you have come to the right place, we strongly suggest that you consider purchasing the book Unstuff Your Life, by Andrew Mellen.  Andrew’s system to decluttering your life is really inspiring.  Check out his book at, you can by it for less than $12 – UnStuff Your Life.

Unfstuff YOur Life

  • more productive at home and work
  • organized in life, home and office
  • more inspired and creative
  • focused on being successful
  • a participant in good relationships
  • conscious of mental and physical well being
  • an influence on being comfortable in your surroundings
  • more calm and able to rest easy
  • free to spend time for leisure and creativity
  • kick the clutter habit completely
  • organize your life for good

If you want to get a good idea about Andrew’s system, there is a video recording of a seminar that he did listed below.

Check out the Video recording of a seminar by Andrew Mellen Now!

 Rent Self Storage – DeClutter Now

storage units San Clemente FeaturesGetting your extra items away from your home or business’s valuable storage area is a critical part of decluttering your life.   Renting a self storage unit is a affordable way to store your valuables in a secure and easily accessible environment.  There are over 50,000 self storage facilities located throughout the United States, so finding self storage near your home or business should not be a problem.  In fact, 1 out of every 10 American households is renting a nearby storage unit.  Go here now to check out the amenities at a top notch storage units facility.  Remember the old saying – “out of site out of mind”. Make today the day that you start getting more organized and rent an off premise storage unit now.

Get Organized

DeClutter KitchenYou walk in the door with a handful of papers and set them on the table because there is no designated place for them, the next day you come home with another stack of papers (still no designated paper place) so you pile those on the paper stack from yesterday and so forth. Soon, the table is covered in papers and it is too overwhelming to deal with.

Organizing yourself starts with a place for everything, and deciding on that place makes all later decisions a habit. We can create a workable system to keep you organized and we even maintain the clutter for you as you need us. The average American wastes 30 minutes a day looking for lost items like keys, glasses, cell phones and pens. This repeated process makes us frustrated, late, and takes precious time that could be spent with family, friends or just relaxing.

Get The Clutter Under Control

National Association of Proffessional OrganizersProfessional Home Organizers help people get their clutter under control. They help you sort treasures from trash and then make a place/space for it. Sometimes the task of sorting is too much for you, so we can organize all your treasures until you are ready to go the next step. Using various principles and systems to declutter closets and kitchens, organize tools and garages, arrange furniture and decorate walls with creative ideas makes your space more productive. With this renewed energy you can now do some of the things you never had time to do.

Want to learn more about DeCluttering your life?  Professional Organizers can really help make a difference in your life.  Check out the National Association of Professional Organizers.

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